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"Mass is an absolute credit to the legal profession" - The Secret Barrister

About Mass

Barrister | Social Entrepreneur | Public Speaker

Mass is an award-winning Barrister at the Government Legal Department, as well as the Founder and Chairperson of Bridging the Bar.


Mass' work has been recognised in a number of prominent legal and non-legal spaces. In July 2020, Mass became the first ever Pupil Barrister to be awarded 'Barrister of the Week' by The Lawyer Magazine. In January 2021, Mass was also recognised as Advocate’s 'Pro-bono Hero of the Month'.

From an early age, Mass did not believe that a career at the Bar was possible for him, largely because he did not fit the conventional image of a practising barrister. Recognising that his achievements in the law can inspire others, Mass has dedicated himself to opening the doors of opportunity for people from non-traditional backgrounds.

Mass has written numerous articles on the topic of diversifying the legal profession. He has also delivered keynote speeches within various academic and legal spaces. Mass has spoken to audiences in the UK Supreme Court, the University of Cambridge, Middle Temple Hall, the Ministry of Justice, Gresham College and more. 


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